Corporate law (registration, reorganization, M&A, deals)

Borius Consulting focuses on corporate law as its main area of business. Our lawyers boast huge experience and legal intuition in this area, which allows us to render top-quality services.

Borius Consulting lawyers have a proven track record of success in this field – we have contributed to introducing over 100 business entities into the Belarusian economy and have supervised a large number of corporate transactions and reorganizations.


This type of legal services is highly sought after by both Belarusian and foreign clients, as managers and owners of businesses often need guidance on a broad range of matters when starting a business or running one.

Where a new company is founded, it is important to consider business start-up requirements, appropriate business legal structure, available methods of forming the core capital, and competences of corporate management bodies. Even preparing a suite of documents for state registration or choosing the location for a new business will be better done with the help of a legal adviser. Experienced lawyers will effortlessly tackle such intricate issues as drawing up the articles of association or consideration of all tax implications of a business scheme.

Expansion efforts can be cumbersome, unless you’ve secured the backing of a reliable legal adviser. Acquisition of an existing business or separate assets, elaboration of an investment project, or a merger and acquisition transaction will require development of a transaction structure, negotiations and implementation of the chosen scheme. If you’re going to establish a representative office of a firm in the Republic of Belarus, an accreditation procedure will have to be carried out at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due diligence of a target company is a standard procedure before making any major business decision. Whether you’re investing in or buying a business, an audit of corporate documents will reveal the soundness of constituent, registration, approval and other documents and how they comply with the applicable law. Audit of contract work and financial analysis will add more reliability for an investor, as these procedures will show the accuracy of past transactions, accounting and other documentation, revealing any potential risks for the subsequent proprietor.


Borius Consulting offers a full range of corporate law services, from bundled advisory services for corporations through to general secretarial services and even general advising on day-to-day operational activities. We strive to provide cohesive guidance to our clients in various areas of corporate law:

● general advising on the application of corporate law

● legal support/supervision of registration, all forms of reorganization, liquidation of legal entities, including foreign-invested business entities

● legal support of mergers, acquisitions, split-ups, in particular involving different jurisdictions, including due diligence

● preparation of corporate agreements (participant agreements, shareholder agreements), supporting transactions with shares (equity shares, shares of stock, assets, property), option agreements

● legal support of meetings of corporate governing bodies, increase/decrease of authorized capital, amendment of constituent documents

● elaborating corporate governance schemes

● supervising registration of branches, representative offices of foreign entities in the Republic of Belarus

● implementing policies to fight corporate raids

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