Corporate management, legal support

Clients of our company periodically need a temporary or permanent external manager. This need arises for various reasons, for example, the lack of a trustee and work experience in Belarus, while you need to open a business, or, for example, negative work experience with the previous director.

Our work as a management organization has certain advantages for the client:

  • our staff is staffed with lawyers with a deep knowledge of law and having experience in managing other companies, labor collectives;
  • we have a license for legal services and, accordingly, the reputation and trust of the client are important to us;
  • the cost of our services is comparable, and in some cases, will be lower than the costs of an investor in hiring management;
  • we already have successful experience in working with accountants, auditors, analysts, HR specialists, realtors, suppliers of equipment and furniture.

Our management services include:

  • the performance of the functions of the manager (director) of the organization;
  • ensuring the safety of property, eliminating the risks of management disloyalty;
  • management of client-bank as directed by the client;
  • preparation of all necessary legal documentation;
  • interaction with accountants, auditors, analysts, HR specialists, realtors, equipment and furniture suppliers.