Free economic zone, preferential treatment, investment

The law firm Borius Consulting has extensive experience in supporting foreign and domestic investors in such areas of the economy as information technology, manufacturing, construction, trade and logistics. Our lawyers have experience in supporting investment activities both through the creation of new enterprises and the acquisition of existing businesses with an increase in working capital.

Of particular importance in our practice is given to the creation of new industries in preferential regimes, such as free economic zones, the Great Stone industrial park, and the countryside. This allows not only to satisfy the interests of investors, but also contributes to the creation of new jobs.

Investors can receive from our side comprehensive legal support in the following areas:

  • representation of clients in relations with government agencies, banks, private companies;
  • legal audit of investment objects;
  • development of optimal investment schemes;
  • advising on corporate, investment, currency, customs, tax, financial, banking, labor and other legislation that arise in the course of investment activities;
  • support of the conclusion of investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus;
  • accompaniment of privatization of state enterprises at all stages;
  • accompaniment of the resolution of investment disputes in international arbitration courts.
  • support for acquiring resident status in free economic zones, the Great Stone industrial park;


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