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IT-activity, high-tech park, crypto-activity A special place in the private legal practice of our company is occupied by the support of the IT industry. This approach corresponds to the latest trends in the development of the Belarusian economy, which are also expressed in legal regulation, a striking example of which is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus “On the Development of the Digital Economy”.

Thanks to our legal support, more than 10 Belarusian companies, including those with the participation of foreign investors from Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and the USA, have become residents of the High Technology Park of the Republic of Belarus (HTP).

In addition to supporting entry into the HTP, we provide legal support for IT companies both within the framework of corporate governance (fiduciary services) and within the framework of subscription legal services.

Our IT services are as follows:

  • legal support of venture investments in IT projects: development of contracts, structuring of deals;
  • support of joining the HTP; advising on activities in the HTP;
  • «Packaging» startups: creating a company capable of undergoing any due diligence of an investor, including IP;
  • support of M&A deals in IT, both on the side of the investor and on the side of the invested company: due diligence, tax analysis, development of contracts;
  • development of agreements in the field of intellectual property: licensing, copyright agreements, assignment agreements for exclusive rights, software development agreements;
  • advising on currency, tax, foreign economic legislation issues arising in the activities of IT companies.
  • development of employment contracts, agreements on non-disclosure of trade secrets (NDA), job descriptions and other local regulatory legal acts taking into account the interests of the IT company in the matter of protecting the rights to created intellectual property;
  • consulting on the registration of computer programs, trademarks, patents and inventions.
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