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Privatization in Belarus

In order to acquire ownership of real estate located in the municipal fund, it is necessary to privatize the object. The procedure allows you to expand the rights to own and dispose of a residential apartment or house. The owner of the privatized housing can sell it, donate it, exchange it and transfer it by right of inheritance. The market price of the privatized object is several times higher than the non-privatized one. The privatization process involves the transfer of public housing to a private person who becomes the rightful owner. Living in an unprivatized room, you are the employer, but not the owner.

Historical background

The process of privatization of the housing fund and state land plots began in the Republic of Belarus in the early 90s and continues to this day. The denationalization of real estate is a rather slow process. In 2010-2013, there were almost 400 thousand non-privatized apartments, which accounted for 14% of the total housing stock. In the summer of 2016, a decree was adopted, according to which all non-privatized housing becomes rental. The law says that the residential premises of the municipal housing fund, which are occupied by citizens on the terms of housing rental contracts of the state fund, are included in the commercial real estate. But the law has exceptions for municipal housing of the following type:
  • service apartments;
  • social use premises;
  • dormitories;
  • commercial residential premises;
  • living space located on administrative and public facilities: buildings of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire depots.

The cost of privatization

It will not be cheap to privatize an apartment. Prices depend on the region, the category of the apartment and its characteristics: the area and number of rooms, including walk-throughs, the presence of a balcony, the type of bathroom (separate or combined), material, year of construction, location. In order to privatize an office apartment in the capital, the applicant had to pay between 40,000 and 300,000 denominated rubles in 2014-2016. In the regional center, the privatization of a three-room apartment in 80 m 2 could cost 5,200,000 denominated rubles, a two—room apartment — 285,000, and a modest one—bedroom apartment in a house built in the 1960s — 150,000. Not everyone can afford to pay the full cost. In this case, the authorities met halfway, providing citizens with installments for 40 years. But the future owner is obliged to make a contribution — 10% of the amount of privatization. If it costs 50,000 to privatize housing, they pay the first installment in the amount of 5,000 rubles. The remaining 45,000 is paid over 40 years. It comes out at 94 rubles a month. Installments allow citizens to pay the cost in installments. And taking into account the duration of payments, most of the amount will be eaten by inflation. It is also allowed to use «Housing» receipts. Citizens who privatized living space in the 90s bought housing from the state at the price of bread due to high inflation. This confirms the fact that nothing can be postponed until tomorrow, especially if the issue concerns real estate.

Nuances of privatization

To privatize a residential apartment in Belarus, it is necessary to perform the following actions:
  • The future owner (employer) and his adult family members who have reached the age of 18 are required to submit an application for privatization. The documents are submitted to the executive committee at the place of residence.
  • The employer and adult family members must sign the application and attach to it passports, birth certificates of minor children. If one of the family members is absent, then his written consent, certified by a notary, is attached. Also attached are documents on possible benefits and «Housing» receipts.
The decision on privatization is made within 30 days. The Executive Committee determines the price of the apartment and the payment procedure. The employer can choose to pay in installments. After that, the applicant receives a receipt from the administration of the committee for the payment of privatization. The employer must deposit the amount through the cashier and obtain a permit. The next step is to contact the notary, who needs to show the permit. Further, a purchase and sale agreement is concluded between the employer and the executive committee. The procedure does not end there. As soon as the contract has been signed, the employer must apply to the cadastral agency for registration of the purchase and sale document, property rights. The agency also issues a technical passport of a residential facility. The last step is to take the technical passport of the apartment with you and visit the organization (ZHES) with it, which is engaged in the maintenance of a residential building. Here it is necessary to conclude a service contract. Pay attention. The National Agency for Investments and Privatizations does not privatize residential apartments. It is a state organization that attracts foreign investors to Belarus. If you decide to privatize a real estate object, seek the help of qualified lawyers who will help you save time and nerves.

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