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Certification of specialists in construction

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 26 dated 14.01.2014 «On measures to improve construction activities» provides for the need for a procedure to confirm the qualification level of legal entities and sole proprietors. This applies to specialists engaged in urban planning, construction of buildings, building design and other activities. A detailed list can be found in Resolution No. 252 of 21.03.2014. The number of specialists who are engaged in the construction industry and are required to take an exam to confirm the level of qualification with a certain frequency includes:
  1. Engineers engaged in geological or geodetic works.
  2. Specialists who develop documents at the pre-project stage.
  3. General designers.
  4. Specialists who work on creating sections of project documentation for construction projects of 1-4 complexity classes.
  5. Representatives of organizations that act as a developer, performing engineering work during the construction of buildings of 1-4 complexity classes, customers of work, specialists engaged in technical supervision.
  6. Builders working in the field of development of territories of settlements.
  7. General contractors.
  8. Workers engaged in the construction of buildings of 1-4 complexity class.
  9. Specialists whose function is to survey buildings.
The documents confirming the passing of the exam are divided into four categories. It is determined depending on the complexity class of the object on which the work needs to be performed. An important point: it does not matter how the construction is carried out, for your own money or with funds from the budget. This is not a reason to avoid passing the qualification level exam. However, there are cases when you will not have to prove your professionalism through certification. First of all, this concerns work with the construction of buildings that belong to the 5th class of complexity. In most cases, these include temporary buildings: greenhouses, utility rooms, parking lots, sheds, etc. So, confirmation of the qualification level is not required:
  1. During the current repair. It can be held in residential buildings and buildings intended for public use.
  2. In the construction of houses designed for one apartment, as well as outbuildings. It can be a shed, greenhouse, garage, utility room, storage room. Citizens can construct all these buildings independently without confirming their construction qualifications.
  3. During the construction of buildings, work on which was started before the entry into force of Decree number 26. Also, there is no need to take an exam if a project was already available and approved for the specified buildings at that time.
  4. Work on the assembly, installation of structures, inspection of their serviceability, configuration, support of technical suitability. The exception is repair and other work related to water supply, electricity, low-current networks.
All the competencies that a particular specialist should have are listed in the decree of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction No. 25 of May 2, 2014. In case of compliance with them, the candidate will be certified. Exams to confirm the level of qualification for non-residents of Belarus are conducted according to a different scenario. First of all, they need to translate their documents into one of the official languages, legalize them. After that, go through the necessary training.

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