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Investment projects of Belarus

Our country has developed special legal regimes for investment and activities of foreign companies. These regimes have special benefits for the implementation of investment projects in Belarus at the stage of construction or production. Special legal regimes for doing business include:
  • the industrial Park «Great stone»;
  • the special economic zone «Bramino-Orsha»;
  • free economic zones in Belarus;
  • investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • maintenance of economic activity in the village.
In order not to make a mistake with the place for the implementation of an investment project, you should contact qualified lawyers. Specialists will provide the following assistance:
  • They will develop the rationale and structure of the investment project, as well as a roadmap for the implementation of the project plan.
  • They will select the most suitable mode for the implementation of the project-investment. Lawyers will analyze the economic efficiency, provide detailed advice on tax payments.
  • They will provide full support for the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.
  • They will settle corporate issues. They will help with the preparation of a package of documents, with the registration of a legal entity, solve issues with the selection of working staff.
  • They will accompany the receipt of project financing.
  • They will help with the documentation.
  • Will protect the investor’s rights in the courts and out of court.

Industrial Park «Great Stone»

The park works not only for foreign companies, but also for businessmen from Belarus. In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement, residents of the park receive unprecedented benefits and benefits until 2062. Representatives of the Belarusian business can expand their own production on the basis of an industrial park or create new production sites. When contacting experienced lawyers, businessmen will receive assistance in implementing an investment project at all its stages. Specialists will help:
  • Develop a project concept from scratch and make a high-quality presentation for the administration of the industrial park.
  • Prepare a plan, develop a corporate business structure.
  • To issue and register the documentation that will be needed to obtain the status of a resident of the park.
  • Provide advice on permits, attracting investors, building relationships with contractors.
  • Resolve issues related to taxation, counterparties, customs authorities, and working personnel.

Investing in existing facilities

Business owners can purchase existing assets and invest in the selected project. But such an investment is always accompanied by certain risks. An investor should understand that the same asset can be bought with different degrees of risk and financial investments. In order not to make a mistake, you should contact specialists who will conduct a competent audit, determine the risks and build a deal in the interests of the investor. How experts will help:
  • They will conduct an examination of the legal status of each asset. This will allow you to determine the risks at the first stage of the transaction.
  • They will prepare investment drafts of contracts, help in negotiations and represent the interests of a businessman in government agencies.
  • Predict and analyze the commercial risks of buying an object.
  • They will develop a plan to reduce the risks to zero.
  • They will help with obtaining a permit to conduct relevant activities.
  • Will protect the interests of the businessman in court.

Infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, infrastructure projects were implemented by the state through state-owned companies. Funds from the state budget were used for this purpose. Today, private companies can work with infrastructure projects. At the same time, international financial institutions are engaged in supporting private organizations. Since 2016, it is also possible to implement PPP projects — public-private partnerships. How professional lawyers will help here:
  • They will prepare documentation and conduct communication with government agencies. The actions are aimed at supporting participation in tenders for the implementation of PPP projects.
  • They will formalize the idea for demonstration to government agencies.
  • They will solve issues related to the labor collective, migration, tax and construction spheres.

Interaction with government agencies

Investors and the state often face the problem of outdated law and incorrect practices of applying certain rights. Such a situation does not allow business to develop, and the state loses significant amounts of money that could have entered the budget. The problem can be solved by using GR strategies aimed at effective cooperation of the investor with government agencies. This includes a number of actions:
  • In order to implement an investment initiative, it is necessary to carefully analyze the restrictions at the legislative level.
  • For the proper development and further implementation of the initiative’s implementation strategy, it is necessary to study foreign experience and resort to scientific approaches aimed at regulating disputes and emerging problems. It is important to hold a meeting with interested government agencies here.

Localization of production in third world countries

Barriers to trade often force foreign companies to localize production facilities in third world countries. Such decisions are accompanied by risks. The initiative requires knowledge and strict compliance with the laws of the state where the production will be created. Investors may have a lot of questions related to entering a foreign market to localize production. To solve problems, it is better to resort to the help of specialists who will help:
  • To find a suitable site for the removal of production facilities. Lawyers take into account the issues of taxes, customs and immigration.
  • Choose a foreign legal company for cooperation.
  • Collect and issue the necessary documents that must comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
Turning to third-party specialists, an investor can also order the preparation of materials on business conditions in the Republic of Belarus and on changes in legislation. Such information will allow the business owner to better navigate the peculiarities of the Belarusian market.

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