Construction and real estate

The law firm Borius Consulting provides a full range of legal services to both professional participants in the construction market and any commercial organizations that need advice on the legal regulation of construction and real estate.

Services in this area are provided both by the staff of the company’s lawyers, and with the assistance of freelance consultants on highly specialized issues, legal partner companies that are highly specialized in obtaining various types of permits.

Our services in the field of construction and real estate are as follows:

  • legal support in obtaining permits for a construction organization: certificates of technical competence, certificates of construction work, certificate of a construction organization of any level of complexity;
  • development of contracts in the field of construction: construction contracts, shared construction of commercial real estate, contracts based on proforma recommended by FIDIC;
  • legal audit of commercial real estate and land: checking the history of deals with the object, the legality of the grounds for the emergence of property rights;
  • support of deals with commercial real estate: purchase and sale, transfer as a contribution to the authorized capital, re-registration during the reorganization, liquidation;
  • legal examination of leases of commercial real estate, development of these contracts taking into account the priority of the interests of the customer;
  • support of state registration of rights to real estate objects;
  • preparation of documents on disputes arising from construction and real estate.
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