Opening of manufacturing in Belarus

Over the past ten years, Belarus has become more attractive than ever for opening its own production among both the local population and foreign investors.

Advantages of opening production in the Republic of Belarus

Firstly, Belarus is a «young» country that is in the stage of active development. The market in Belarus looks like a «blank slate», it is still being actively formed, there is little competition. Secondly, Belarus is an active member of the international community, closely cooperates with countries such as Russia, China, and is also rapidly approaching European countries. This contributes to a pleasant investment and market environment. For example, there are tariff preferences between the EAEU countries for the import and export of goods from/to Belarus. In addition to all the advantages listed above, the procedure for opening production in the Republic of Belarus is quite simple. Foreign investors have the right to establish trade organizations in Belarus with any volume of foreign investments and in any legal form provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, in the following forms: Unitary Enterprise (UE); Limited Liability Company (LLC); Additional Liability Company (ODO); Joint Stock Company (JSC): Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC) or open joint stock company (JSC). The registration procedure is the same for all forms.

Registration stage

  1. The name of the organization. This is the first step towards the opening of production in the Republic of Belarus. After making a decision to open a business and choosing a name (it must be unique in Belarus), you can coordinate it in three ways: personally submit an application to the registration authority; by sending an application by mail; by registering on the web portal (
  2. After your name has been verified and approved, you need to pay a state fee. The state fee for the registration of a commercial organization is 1 (one) basic amount — 29 Belarusian rubles (about 11 US dollars).
  3. The main stage of the opening of production in the Republic of Belarus is the submission of documents to the executive body. This stage can also be carried out in two ways: by self-submission by the founders to the executive authority or by submitting documents in electronic form with an EDS key. Required documents: passports of the founders and their copies (if necessary with a certified translation of passports), if you have asked for help from our specialists who provide services for registration of production, power of attorney; application for registration; the charter of the organization in two copies without certification, their electronic copy (in the format .doc or .rtf); receipt of payment of the state fee.
  4. After successfully entering your organization into the register of the Republic of Belarus, you need to issue a company seal and open a bank account.

Terms of registration

The opening of production in the Republic of Belarus is carried out by the executive body on the day of filing the relevant application or within 1 working day if the documents are submitted in electronic form. The team of specialists of Borius Consulting LLC will help you not only promptly (within no more than 2 working days from the date of application and submission of all necessary documents), but also to open your production in the Republic of Belarus qualitatively, as well as provide all necessary consultations and clarifications.
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