Corporate management, legal support

Running a business takes a lot of strain, as you need to constantly analyze various aspects of legislation: corporate law, financial regulations, labor regulations. Often, a qualified lawyer or legal assistance of a reputed law bureau is required to tackle those aspects of corporate management your staff might be uncomfortable with. Using a temporary or permanent external manager is a good opportunity to ensure your business is thoroughly supervised. The need for an external manager may arise for various reasons: for example, it might be difficult to find a trustee or a proxy holder with relevant experience when you need to open a business, or it might be that you’ve been disappointed by your current CEO.

You can benefit from entity management services, whether you’re a beginner, or face any hardships, or want to scale your business. Services of a managing company embrace many aspects of doing business: legal and accounting support (including preparation of reports, invoices, and other documents), representation of your company in government bodies, business valuation to determine the real value of assets, and personnel policy. An external manager will professionally delve into the legal aspects of doing business, conduct an audit, systematize corporate documentation, or even elaborate a growth strategy.

Corporate management services in Belarus

Entity management services we offer in Belarus have certain advantages for the client:

  • our lawyers have a deep knowledge of various aspects of corporate law and are experienced in managing other companies and labor collectives
  • our license for legal services obliges us to a meticulous care for client’s reputation and trust
  • costs of our services are comparable, and in some cases, even lower than costs typically required for an investor to hire a management team
  • we have successful experience in working with accountants, auditors, analysts, HR specialists, realtors, suppliers of equipment and furniture

Management services in Minsk

Our corporate management services in Minsk include:

  • corporate governance
  • performing the functions of company CEO/director
  • safekeeping company property, eliminating the risks of management disloyalty
  • managing client-bank interactions, as directed by client
  • preparing all required legal documentation
  • interacting with accountants, auditors, analysts, HR specialists, realtors, equipment and furniture suppliers
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