Opening of a mining company

The article outlines the main points concerning the mining of cryptocurrencies characteristic of the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Here are the points concerning the activities of investors from abroad. 

In accordance with the provision in the legislation of the state, the issues of mining cryptocurrencies on the territory of the Republic of Belarus have such features as:

  1. Individuals can work on their house plots or in apartments. Persons engaged in activities of this nature should be ready to submit documents to the tax authorities and banks in order to prove the legalization of activities. In particular, issues related to electricity and the availability of a contract for all used equipment are being considered;
  2. Legal entities can engage in activities after they enter the Hi-Tech Park. Until then, legal entities can only engage in the adjustment of the equipment used.

The algorithm of work, typical for each legal entity, has the following form

  1. First you need to evaluate the profitability of mining for the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Each state has its own characteristics that affect the choice;
  2. In the future, you need to register a legal entity;
  3. Then you need to decide on the choice of the room that will be used for the organization of mining. If necessary, you need to complete the construction and organize your own substation, which will produce the required amount of electrical energy;
  4. To purchase the equipment that will be used for mining;
  5. Pick up good professionals;
  6. Join the Hi-Tech Park with your business project.

Evaluation of the profitability of mining in the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The Head of State has repeatedly told his citizens about the need to engage in the process. Statistics show that there are many people in Belarus who have successfully mastered this process.

Recently, companies have become actively engaged in the construction of special farms and data centers.

Our company has long established itself on the positive side. Experts are confident that many people from Belarus will soon appear on the mining market. This circumstance can be explained by such factors as:

  • Low cost of electricity to legal entities that are engaged in the process in the Hi-Tech Park. The price was changed after the decree and decree of the President of the country;
  • It is possible to bring and install all the equipment that will be used for mining at zero rates typical for the tax service;
  • Taxes applicable to persons engaged in the Hi-Tech Park are only 1%;
  • There are other additional benefits and favorable conditions that attract many professionals.

Mining in Minsk and the creation of centers

Any individual or legal entity can register a company. The terms of registration of the company may vary, however, they do not exceed five working days.

In Belarus, there is an opportunity to rent premises that will cope with mining. To save your money, at least at the initial stage, you can rent a room with another company engaged in activities of a similar nature.

If necessary, everyone can install their own electric station. To do this, it is necessary to have the appropriate documents, which will take several months to complete.

Purchase and installation of mining equipment

Within the scope of activities extending to the Hi-Tech Park, the import of equipment may be accompanied by zero rates. Customs clearance may be complicated by the notification procedure. This procedure applies only to new equipment. Before considering the issue more carefully, it is best to consult with specialists who will tell you about all the features and nuances.

Search for good professionals

It is difficult to find a good professional in Belarus who will be guided in all aspects. This is due to the fact that mining on the territory of the state has been going on for a couple of years.

It is better to hire professionals from abroad. There are those who are ready to help for an acceptable cost. People engaged in activities in the Technology Park have the opportunity to invite foreign citizens without problems in order to help start mining in Belarus.

Joining the Hi-Tech Park

A person who does not have the status of a resident of a High-Tech Park does not have the opportunity to engage in such activities on the territory of the state.

The process of joining the Technology Park takes about four months. In parallel with this, in order to save personal time, it is recommended to address other issues.

Our company will help solve the problem. Experience in this field is enough to solve this problem. The cost of the organization’s services depends on some factors and starts from three thousand dollars.

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