Liquidation of individual entrepreneur

Knowing the algorithm of actions for closing individual entrepreneurship, you can quickly exit your business in the shortest possible time. The step-by-step algorithm of actions for the liquidation of an individual entrepreneur implies the following steps.

Reasons for liquidation

A businessman, without the formation of a legal entity, can liquidate an individual entrepreneur at any time for the following reasons:

  • lack of financial resources for further development;
  • transition to another form of ownership;
  • occurrence of health problems;
  • heavy physical load associated with parallel work on the Labor Code of Belarus;
  • lack of desire to do business;
  • the court’s decision on the liquidation of the sole proprietor due to the detection of violations in the activity.

Preparation for liquidation

Preliminary preparation for the liquidation of an individual entrepreneur in Minsk begins with visiting the website of the KGC of Belarus in order to find out whether the individual entrepreneur is in the plan of a control check. If so, it is advisable to wait for the end of the check. Next, you should take care of the repayment of accounts payable and receivables. Terminate employment relations with hired employees, following the norms of labor legislation. Prepare the documentation necessary for the inspection by the supervisory authority. Liquidation of sole proprietors in Minsk is carried out in the same way as liquidation of sole proprietors in Belarus.


The announcement of the termination of the IE activity is published on the Internet resource of the journal «Justice of Belarus». The sole proprietor pays the state fee for placing an ad in the amount prescribed by law. The announcement is published on the second day after payment of the state fee and submission of the announcement to the registration authority.

Application submission

After the implementation of preparatory measures, the businessman submits an application in the prescribed form in writing to the registration authority located at the place of residence of the entrepreneur. This is done as follows:

  • by means of a personal appeal;
  • by way of a web portal .

The definition of registration is offered on the portal of the Unified State Register. It should be noted that no more than 9-12 months should pass from the moment of filing the notification to the termination of the activity of the sole proprietor.

Tax return

Upon personal submission of an application for the liquidation of an individual entrepreneur in the Republic of Belarus, an identity passport is provided, a receipt for payment of the state fee for placing an ad in the magazine. After submitting the application, the sole proprietor draws up a tax return within five days to the appropriate authority at the place of residence of the businessman.

According to the laws of the state, having debts to creditors and debtors, a businessman is not excluded from the unified state register. He must pay off debts to creditors and debtors, that is, pay wages to employees and severance pay.

Documents are transferred to the territorial archive for the purpose of indefinite storage by personnel. In the process of preparing and transferring documents to the archive, the sole proprietor is guided by the rules of the archives of state bodies.

Upon carrying out preparatory activities, the sole proprietor submits to the registering authority a certificate of state registration, a notification of the completion of the process for the termination of the activities of the sole proprietor according to the model established by the legislative body.

The liquidation of an individual entrepreneur is considered valid from the date of the decision by the registering authority to make an entry on the exclusion of legal entities and sole proprietors from the Unified State Register.

The liquidation of IE 2022 is verified by the service of an Internet resource. This will be found out after two to three weeks after submitting the application to the registration authority. It is advisable to go to HIS website, enter the data in the search box: registration number, full name of the IE. Using the service remotely, you can comfortably complete business activities without leaving home.

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