Registering a company in a free economic zone

Borius Consulting law firm has a vast experience in supporting foreign and Belarusian investors in various sectors of economy: information technology, industry, construction, commerce and logistics. Our lawyers are experienced in supporting investment activities via either founding new enterprises or purchasing existing businesses (by way of increasing current capital).

We place special emphasis on creating new manufacturing facilities operating under privileged regimes, such as free economic zones (FEZs), the Great Stone industrial park, and rural zones. This allows us to meet investors’ requirements, while promoting employment generation.


Legal support

Investors will enjoy comprehensive legal support from us in many directions:

  • representation of client’s interests in relations with state authorities, banks, private companies
  • registration in a free economic zone, becoming a FEZ participant
  • legal audit of investment projects/facilities
  • elaborating optimal investment schemes
  • consulting on corporate, investment, currency, customs, tax, financial, banking, labor and other regulations that may pertain to the investment activities
  • supervising the conclusion of investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus
  • supervising the privatization of state-run enterprises during all stages
  • monitoring the resolution of investment disputes in international arbitration courts
  • supporting the acquisition of residency status in a free economic zone or the Great Stone industrial park, entering a FEZ


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Registration in a free economic zone

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